After a thorough consultation, the method of cosmetic tattoo is selected.

Brow design and colour selection is discussed, Pigment is then implanted into the basal layer (deepest section of the epidermis) 


‚ÄčOne of the benefits of not going too deep in the skin is that it WILL eventually fade over time. Which can be helpful if you decide in 1-2 years you want to change the shape or colour of the brows, or you have new hair growth and no longer need it!


Another reason it's beneficial for your brows to fade is as we age gravity plays a roll in our skin, so we don't want to create a style of brows that suit us in our 20's but are totally unflattering at 70 years old!

The shape can be altered  as your face and style changes.

Colours are customized to suit each skin tone, natural brow hair colour or personal preference. You can choose to have them as soft or as defined as you wish.

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